Addition of Dark Heather apparel

Our White on Dark Heather is arguably our favourite colour combination right now. We've been offering it to customers unofficially and the feedback has been great thus far.

Beautiful blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton for a unique look, and ultra smooth feel. 

We have added this combination to the following apparel below. Want it in a different design, custom t-shirt, or wondering if it is available in other types of garments? Contact us and we will be glad to assist!

the-6ix-x-cn-tower-by-6ixset-white-on-dark-heather-t-shirt tower-by-6ixset-white-on-dark-heather-crewneck-t-shirt  toronto-for-life-white-on-dark-heather-crewneck-t-shirt  the-6ix-crewneck-t-shirt-by-6ixset-white-on-dark-heathertoronto-for-life-white-on-dark-heather-tanktopthe-6ix-tanktop-by-6ixset-white-on-dark-heather